Suzani's represent the binding together of two families, and are adorned with symbols of luck, health, long life and fertility. 

Suzani's tell the enduring story of a mother's love for her daughter and the beautiful handcrafted dowry pieces that they laboriously created together for her wedding day to bring wellbeing into her married life ahead.  Traditionally made in the Uzbek and Tajik regions to decorate the nuptial beds, they were part of a dowry, and presented to the groom on his wedding day. 

The word "Suzani" comes from suzan, the Farsi word for "needle."  Look for these motifs, believed to imbue the suzanis with spiritual powers, offering protection or strength to their owners:  Pomegranates (as the many seeds symbolize fertility), birds (happiness), fish, floral motifs, flowers, moons, suns, and lattice bear embroidered well-wishes.  

 pomegranates in suzani  suzani symbol  bird symbol in suzani  suzani symbols    suzani symbol  

The borders on the textiles serve as protective device to ward off bad spirits. You can often find a small deliberate fault or unfinished area; the fault is a reminder that we are all flawed, and the unfinished area expresses the dream of the mother that her daughter may continue in the art of the suzani creation.

Suzani's have become highly collectable and valued for their beautiful decoration and fine craftsmanship, and are sure to become a family heirloom.

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