How to Add Style to Your Space with an Area Rug from Company C

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Posted on April 15 2016

How to Add Style to Your Space with an Area Rug from Company C

Interior design professionals around the world have some sage advice: start with the area rug. If you’ve recently decided to redesign your home, starting with an area rug creates a foundation that you can easily – and logically – build upon. As the room’s central focal point, your rug’s design acts as a roadmap, providing you with a path toward a clean, stylish space as, from your choice of rug, you can determine paint colors, room accents and furniture. Today, we’re going to look at a few of the rug options available from Heaven’s Gate and discuss how they can liven up your space and simplify your design decisions.

Create a little seaside calm with the Adrift ColorSpree Indoor/Outdoor Rug 

The soft aqua and driftwood tones of this rug can be used to build a smooth transition into your seaside chateau. Whether it’s gracing the planks of a reclaimed wood doorstep or placed at the threshold of an open foyer, the Adrift rug from Company C is a great way to communicate the themes of your home’s design before your guests have even set foot inside.

Soothe your space with the natural palette of the Carrera Damask Rug 

The classic design of the Carrera Damask rug from Company C lends itself to innumerable spaces. With its warm, cool palette, it can act as an understated centerpiece or, if preferred, it can take a backseat to more vibrant, attention-grabbing furniture. Either way, this stunning rug, with its pearlescent accents, is an ideal canvas that allows you to fine tune the ambiance of your room.

Carrera Damask Rug

Inject some modern sensibilities with the Make a Point ColorSpree Flatweave Rug

For those with more modern tastes, the geometric patterning of the Make a Point rug from Company C helps to create a stylish, structured look that can be built upon with a range of modern furniture, from stainless steel benches to tempered glass coffee tables. Made from recycled plastic bottles, the Make a Point rug is a true conversation piece and a fitting focal point in any living room.

Make A Point Rug


At Heaven’s Gate, we are the premier specialty home décor store in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Aiming to supply our customers with an unparalleled selection of furniture, room accents, lighting and rugs, we offer worldwide shipping and a no-hassle low price guarantee. As one of our regular special offers, during the month of April, we are providing our customers with an additional 20% to 40% off of select Company C rugs. So, if you’ve been searching for a new foundation to build your space’s design upon, be sure to check out our massive selection of area rugs!

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