*Please be safe; wear a mask and gloves when accepting any deliveries.  Respect social distance rules of 6 feet from the driver.

Please keep in mind that due to increased volumes there could be shipment and communication delays. We’re sorry for any delays and any inconvenience this causes you—thank you for being patient and understanding at this time.

Please be patient, respectful and accomodating to all drivers delivering your package. Due to Covid-19, on-line shopping has increased dramatically and carriers are overwhelmed with deliveries. In many cases, Covid-19 guidelines and Executive Orders can change on a day-to-day basis, depending on the state, county or city that they are delivering to. The drivers have guidelines that they must follow in order to protect their jobs, themselves, their families and you.

Some drivers have very limited days/hours for deliveries to specific areas. Please be accomodating. If you cannot be at home during their delivery hours, please request delivery without a signature (all shipments are fully insured for this type of delivery), or ask a neighbor or friend to be there in your place. Most carriers instruct their drivers NOT to deliver inside of your home, nor open the packages and let you inspect the goods prior to signing. The best delivery service available at this time is Threshold.  Sorry, White Glove and/or Package Removal is unavailable. This is for everyone's protection. In these cases, please go ahead and sign, but also write on the paperwork "NOT inspected, per driver's request", as this will be crucial in any future damage claims.

Please understand that these are very trying times for all involved and everyone, including vendors and carriers.  We are all doing our best to navigate these unknown waters, as this pandemic is beyond our control. Please be kind and patient, and we will all get through this together. Thank you!