Impress Your Guests With Modern Outdoor Lighting

Sue Catherman

Posted on July 27 2016

This summer has been warmer than usual – especially during the day when the sun is beating down. Fortunately, the heat hasn’t stopped people from getting together and having a good time outside. The key is waiting until evening to begin your outdoor entertaining. Standard outdoor light fixtures are often too bright and attract bugs, which is why we offer soft and beautiful outdoor lighting options from Roost. In this blog, we will look at four of our favorite offerings from our outdoor entertainment section.

Roost Alpin Luminaries

These lights were inspired by the modern yet rustic Scandinavian design aesthetic. The luminaries, made from waterproof Tyvek material, are lit up by LED lights. We offer small, medium, or large sets of varying quantities as well as our luminary string lights that hold eight small luminaries from a silver wire with a plug. There’s no doubt your guests will be begging you to tell them where you got these one-of-a-kind lights.

Roost Plaza Outdoor Light Strand

This one is our best selling outdoor light set. It is heavy duty and the strand is rubberized, so it can hold its own against the elements. There are two lengths available. The 25 foot strand comes with twelve filament bulbs and the 50 foot strand comes with 24 bulbs. Replacement bulbs are also available through our website.

Roost Firefly Bottle Lights

Once you see these all lit up, you will understand how they got their name. These warm-toned LED lights seem to sparkle inside of the small glass bottles. There are two options available, a 17 ft copper wire strand with eight bottles of different sizes or twelve individual bottles each hung from 6 ft of copper wire. You really need to see these lit up outside to understand how magical they are.

Roost Saturno Lanterns

Roost takes pride in the fact that many of their products are handmade. These absolutely gorgeous lanterns are made by hand from antique fir wood. There is a galvanized iron candle plate on the bottom that holds a glass hurricane for the candle. The top features a beautiful iron handle to hang the lantern by. You can even use a citronella candle if mosquitoes are a problem. 

At Heaven’s Gate Home & Garden, we know the value of spending time outside with your family and friends. Roost’s luminaries, lights, and lanterns will help to take your outdoor entertaining to another level. To show our appreciation for our customers, we offer free shipping on orders over $100 and for a limited time use coupon code SAVE20 and save $20 on orders over $250.

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