5 Reasons for Investing in Great Area Rugs

5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Area Rugs from Heaven's Gate Home

1.  Practicality and Functionality

Area rugs add warmth and comfort to your room.  Rugs keep your heat bills down by acting as insulation between the cold, hard floor and your feet. There's nothing like sinking your bare toes into a soft, warm rug.  As an added benefit, area rugs absorb noise by dampening vibrations.

2.  Add Beauty

We all need to have beauty in our lives.  It soothes the soul and makes us happy.  Our home reflects who we are and who we aspire to be.

Buy an area rug because you love it – not because it's on trend or matches a color scheme; a true investment rug should work in a variety of spaces.  If you truly love it, you will find a place for it.

3.  Add Style

Area rugs are typically the beginning stage of decorating a room.  They are often the centerpiece of the room.  You can play off of the rug for accent pillows, wall decor and so forth.

In a world of ever-shifting trends and fashions, it makes sense to buy something you won't get bored of, and that will go with your sense of style, and stay in your family for generations. This makes sense from a sustainability perspective too.  

Spending a bit more on a rug that will last, and that you'll love forever, is extra smart because of the high impact a rug makes on a room.

4.  Movable - You can take it with you!

Unlike wall to wall carpet - which can be incredibly expensive if you're after something of high quality - you can take your investment rug with you if you move. By the same token, it's great for creating a sense of permanence in a rented flat, while knowing you haven't wasted any money in doing so. You can see a beautiful investment rug a bit like a grown-up comfort blanket - take it with you from room to room, or home to home, and it will make you feel happy and secure.

5.  Financial Investment

Top quality area rugs, especially Persian and Oriental rugs do not depreciate, but rather appreciate in value.  Values can vary depending on how fine the materials, how many hours of labor and details were created, and size.  High density rugs (more knots per square inch) and larger sizes tend to hold their value more, especially over-sized rugs, as they require larger looms and more labor.  Traditional rugs also hold their value, as trends and fads change quickly. Uniqueness and design are also very important factors of how well your rug will appreciate over time.

Shop today from our large selection of top quality, fine rugs and we hope that you find one (or two) that speak to you.