Design Trends for 2018

Sue Catherman

Posted on March 06 2018

With increasing styles of interiors, home owners now have a variety of options to choose from. The number of designs that come out for something as simple as a table lamp is a great example of growing trends in the field of interiors.  With changing trends, here is an update about the design trends for the year 2018.

Be bold

Don’t be afraid to use bright colours and unconventional shapes in furniture when it comes to designing a space. If you have minimal usage for a certain item, then you can buy furniture that is so creatively designed like this beautiful Aeon Bertram Occasional Table. If you are designing a comfortable sitting area then feel free to go with multiple coloured cushions, such as Company C Aster Pillows that bring more life to the area.

Aeon Bertram Occasional Table    

The best part about throwing in some colours is the fact that everything seems so much more captivating.  Tired of boring desks and side tables? Then a Selamat Designs Inverness Side Table in Blue with a splash of blue or any warm colour is your way to go.  While there is much furniture that offers great organizing, several fail to please the eye.  Nowadays, you can find furniture with a theme such as this Selamat Designs Florence Broadhurst Six-Drawer Dresser inspired by the Shanghai culture.


Lighten up

The best way to make any place look Instagram worthy and simply massive is to throw some light colours such as white. A stylish and comfortable Selamat Designs Calistoga Lounge Chair in Natural or a Selamat Designs Clemente Arm Chair in Natural and White, may be all that you require to finish the look. Don’t forget to go for some good quality lights too.



Light fixtures such as Selamat Designs Manhattan Hanging Pendant in Natural and chandeliers allow some extra light that will shine on the white elements in a space and accentuate their appeal. Go for soft and warm lighting.


Insta Worthy Walls

A house with interiors that serve as an excellent background for your instagram pictures is a must have in this millennia. Opt for Selamat Designs Marine Trio, Royal, Set/3. You can go with something relevant to your theme or something out of the box too.


Another way to achieve accessorized walls is to use Selamat Designs High Ball Mirror in Natural that will serve the dual purpose of being a design as well as a utility.  If you want more of design plus Utility combinations, you can look for aesthetically crafted Aeon Cycle Clock in Walnut that will add more visual appeal to the wall.


How you want your interiors is solely based on how much of creativity you are willing to put in the places of mundane things.

Happy decorating!


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