Creating Great Entryways

Sue Catherman

Posted on March 20 2018

Creating Great Entryways

Foyer designing is a new thing. Mainly as a teaser or a sneak peek into a well-designed home. The first impression that your home has on your guests starts from the foyer. Here are some of the best ways you can spice up your entryway to lead into a stylish home.

Mid-century Cabinets

Accessorizing your space with Mid-century inspired furniture can change the way your home looks. Beautiful cabinets inspired from the mid century in terms of style and design can make for an excellent welcome option in the entry way. Go for elegant cabinets, such as our Aeon Petersen Entertainment Stand that can be combined with modern elements to go for a unique design.

Alternatively, you can opt to hang portraits or colourful collages on the wall behind the cabinet. The best part about shelving units and cabinets is that they give room for table toppers. You can go for quirky accessories or vintage ones like candle holders and antique photo frames.


Comfy Poufs

A seating option in the foyer is not exactly what people have in mind. But a textured pouf may as well spice up the appeal of the entryway. You can tuck a couple of poufs under the console to serve as option to hold bags or coats.

Pick the color of the poufs carefully or feel free to infuse different colors if your home has a bohemian appeal. Muted colours work best for many backgrounds the consoles. Until you have a purpose for the poufs, they’ll just sit there under the console looking pretty.  We love our Surya Felted Floral Pouf for this purpose!


Mirror, mirror on the Wall

Mirrors are the most underrated things when it comes to spicing up a living space. Looking for a great accessory to add more glam to your foyer?

You can choose stunning mirrors to go for your wall. If you are choosing a mirror with a colour or pattern on the frame, feel free to use the same colour as the background on the wall as a design. Want to add some lighting to it? Fairy lights or string lights will give a soft glow in the entryway.



Bench Quirk

If there is one way you can truly up the quirk quotient in your entryway, it is by going for a bench. You can place a simple bench or a funky bench on the entryway and decorate the wall behind it. If you prefer some spruce, then go for artificial or indoor plants to go beside the bench. This one’s sure to capture your guest’s attention.




Decorating your entryway is definitely important because it is the first thing people see on their way in. Besides, not everyone gets to see your entire home’s design aspect.

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