Smart Space Saving Solutions for Your House

Sue Catherman

Posted on April 13 2018

Smart Space Saving Solutions for Your House

We often get so accustomed with the existing pieces of furniture and the way they are arranged, that our perception of a room’s architecture becomes limited. Quite obviously, we can hardly locate those strategic storage spaces, which would have otherwise made the room quite functional. Considering the aesthetics, we often fall for the idea to make rooms clutter free, but storing the utilities seems like a challenge often.

However, with a pinch of creativity you can spruce up a petite area. So, before you are totally staggered with storage dilemma, look at these quick tips to deal with it.

Put Up Some Shelves on the Walls

If the floors seem too cluttered, don’t hesitate to use the shelves on to the wall. We are not definitely talking about mounting chairs and tables, but you can always put up some good looking shelves onto there. Shelves are likely to expand the surface area to work with while giving you enough space to store the utilities. All you need is the right frames and attractive décor to make those wall shelves amazingly beautiful. You can also get it covered to make it an ideal solution for all the clutters that probably need a perfect home.

Invest in Furniture That Comes with In-built Storage

The space under the furniture can serve as a great storage utility. Many people are apprehensive of storing things under the sofa as they get too dusty there. But, there are some easy ways to make this storage space dust free. Use vacuum sealed bags to pack away your mushy stuff, such as blankets, extra pillows, old tattered sweaters etc.

Adding drawers under the sofa or the storage ottomans will build up additional functional space. So, if you are facing storage problems in a small space, such furniture might serve you a utilitarian solution. You can even store your large collection of shoes, clothes and other utilities inside the drawers.

Look Behind the Doors

This hardly crosses our mind while looking for storage space in a small living room. But, space behind the doors can offer you a whole new world of options to solve your storage issues. A few fixtures, such as hanging pockets hanging shower caddies, shoe organizers and self-adhesive hooks can help you use the back of the doors in a lot better manner. Right from your clothing to napkins, hot pads, anything can be stored easily over here.

The Storage Beds Work Wonder

Believe it or not, bedroom is the space demanding maximum storage requirement, but unfortunately, we get so confused with the piles of items that hardly can we think of any utilitarian solution. But a storage bed can serve your purpose. You can actually dump every little things right inside the bed and solve your problem. At the same time, you get a cozy bed to snug you.

There’s something really charming about living in a cozy, petite place, but the catch is to make the place clutter free. Employ these cool space saving ideas to make room for smart storage.

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