What Is Your Interior Design Style? Take Our Quiz to Find Out!

Alyssa Andrews

Posted on August 05 2020

Wondering what your interior design style is? Take our quiz to discover your decorating style and find the furniture and decor that will make you feel right at home. Don't forget to write down your answers to find your design style at the end of the quiz.

1. Which room makes you feel right at home?

2. How do you feel about color in your home?

A. I prefer neutrals. Keep it clean and streamlined.

B. Neutral black, white, and grey, with the rare pop of color.

C. Light colors are OK with me, as long as they tie back to natural wood elements.

D. I like trending colors when used to refresh and update an existing space.

E. I love color-- especially when combined with sparkling accessories and metallic.

F. The more color the better! I love a bold mix with neutral furniture.


3. Which pattern would you pick?

4. Choose your favorite sofa.



5. Which kitchen makes you want to cook something up?

6. Which mirror would you hang?

7. Pick your dream patio.


8. Which bedroom would you sleep best in?


9. Choose your favorite light fixture.



Mostly A's - Industrial/Loft Style

Your style is industrial chic or loft style. Your favorite aesthetic is most often found in urban or loft settings and pays homage to utility and components of industrial buildings like natural wood, exposed bricks and pipes, concrete, open floor plans, and bare-bones lighting fixtures. This minimalist style often has a neutral color palette with a mix of grays, blacks, and browns, for a warehouse feel. To achieve this style, choose furniture and decor that reflects this style such as large leather sectionals to divide up open floor plans, handing industrial lamps or wall fixtures, simple area rugs to warm up concrete floors, and furniture and decor that mixes metal and wood. Get started by shopping Heaven's Gate Home's curated collection for Industrial/Loft style here.

Mostly B's - Modern/Mid-Century Modern

Your design style is Modern/Mid-Century Modern! You love architecture and design that focuses on clean lines, natural elements and forms, minimal decorations, and functionality. While you like your decor on the minimal side, the few items you choose for your home make a statement, whether that be a bold pop of color or a sculpture-esque design. Popularized in the 1940s, this aesthetic now ranks as timeless in the eyes of those who love it. To embrace the modern or mid-century modern styles, choose furniture pieces and decor that have structure and embrace organic curves. Get started by shopping Heaven's Gate Home's curated collection for Modern and Mid-Century Modern style here.

Modern C's - Rustic/Farmhouse

Your design style is Rustic/Farmhouse! Grounded in practicality and warmth, the farmhouse or rustic aesthetic is about bringing natural elements and light into the home to create comfort as well as function. This aesthetic is inviting and is a reminder of farmhouses of bygones past in which homes were reliant on available materials in the area. To bring rustic or modern farmhouse elements into your home, choose furniture and decor in white or cream hues that have elements of light natural woods. Each piece should have a "well-loved" or worn look that will only get better with age. Get started by shopping Heaven's Gate Home's curated collection for Rustic and Farmhouse interior design style here.

Mostly D's - Traditional/Classic

Your design style is Traditional/Classic. This interior design style pulls a little bit from popular design styles throughout time, effortlessly mixing classic furniture pieces with on-trend twists to refresh a home with ease. This style is grounded in elegance, symmetry, and comfort, prioritizing a rich and inviting vibe. It also allows for the decorator to put a personal spin on their unique home. Create a traditional design in your home by choosing furniture pieces full of character and avoiding anything too faux looking or of-the-moment. Get started by shopping Heaven's Gate Home's curated collection for Tradition and Classic interior design styles.

Mostly E's - Hollywood Regency/Glam

 Your design style is Hollywood Regency/Glam. This interior design styles is all about luxury, rich detail, and shine. The glam aesthetic is best know for metallic accents, mirrored furniture, extravagant lighting fixtures, and sleek details like Lucite chairs and coffee tables. Minimalist this decor style is not, opting for rich, saturated colors accented by lots of sparkling details. Create a glamorous space in your home with a tufted, velvet couch, dramatic chandelier, large, decorative mirrors, and draped faux fur throws. Get started by shopping Heaven's Gate Home's curated collection for Hollywood Regency and Glam interior design here.

Mostly F's - Boho/Southwestern

Your style is boho/southwestern! The bohemian interior design style is characterized by warm, earthy hues and eclectic decor that is influenced by global items and culture. It's relaxed and has a "more is  more" sensibility with mixed textures, colors and textiles. Bring the boho/southwestern design style into your home by choosing furniture and decor that is unique, mismatched, and tells a story about you as an individual. From plush couches to wooden elements draped in throws and strewn with pillows, there's no going wrong with putting together a bohemian room. Get started by shopping Heaven's Gate Home's curated collection for Boho and Southwestern interior design here.

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