Which Furniture is Worth Investing and Trends You Can Skip, According to Interior Designers

Alyssa Andrews

Posted on June 03 2020

Which Furniture is Worth Investing and Trends You Can Skip, According to Interior Designers

From the “fast furniture” shops that offer cheap sofas to the ever-changing trends, shopping for furniture and home decor has never been easier or more affordable. But with low pricing, comes low quality. Daily use leads to easy wear-and-tear and before you know it, you’re back in the market for another furniture piece much too soon. Does this sound familiar? We spoke with interior designers and this is an all too common theme among their clients.

classic couch and furniture worth investing in


Is Furniture a Good Investment?

Inexpensive furniture may look like the best choice if shopping on a budget, but appearances can be deceiving. According to Interior Designer Sheri Negri of Sheri Negri Designs, it’s critical to save up for what you love.

“Furniture is an investment and if you buy something cheap in a year it’s going to look bad. It’s important to invest in quality furniture that lasts and is more timeless,” said Sheri, “The trendy stuff is going to go away and you’re going to be stuck with something you don’t love.”

While investment pieces may come with sticker shock, when you do the math over time, you’ll end up saving a fortune. Not to mention, the pride you’ll feel in a piece of furniture that will age well both in fabrication and in style.

"Investing in furniture is so important, a well-made piece you love can be held onto for years and even passed down to children," said Ainsley Stewart, Interior Designer at Gardner Fox. "In the long run, it can be more affordable (and enjoyable) than replacing furniture’s 'fast fashion' equivalent pieces over and over."


Which Furniture is Worth Investing In?

While all furniture can be worth the investment, your budget may not allow for such a commitment. When choosing which furniture to invest in first, consider the pieces that you use most in your home as well as the rooms you spend the most time in. After you’ve identified the most important pieces of furniture in your house, consider timeless designs with clean lines and neutral colors.

Here are the Pieces Interior Designers Recommend Splurging On:


Couches and Chairs

Sofas, couches, and chairs are great pieces to invest in for your family room or living room. With high-quality comes long-term comfort, which is key for any chair you will spend a lot of time in. Look for fabrications that won’t show signs of wearing and are easy to clean. If buying online, these details should be clearly represented on the product page. If they are not, be sure to take a look at the reviews or have a conversation with the sales representative. High-quality furniture has clear care guidelines. Zoom in on the image to make note of the stitching, tufting, or any other details on the couch you are interested in purchasing. When cared for properly, a high quality couch will last you up to 25 years.

Sheri’s Picks from Heaven's Gate Home:

Moe's Romeo Sectional in Grey

“Although many people think grey is going to go out of style soon, I think grey is here to stay for a very long time. This sofa has clean lines without being too modern, and can go with a number of different styles and colors.  Picking sofas that are neutral is very important because you can change the color of pillows, rugs, art, etc. when you want to change things up a bit.” -Sheri

Neutral and Timeless Couch Worth Investing In

 Moe's Messina Chair

“Every home should have at least one leather accent chair, whether it be in your living room, office or a bedroom.  Leather accent chairs never go out of style.  This particular chair is more modern, but it’s still timeless and can be paired with so many different styles.” -Sheri

 Shop Moe's Messina Chair


Dining Room Tables

Love to gather your family and friends for dinner? Dining room tables are another category interior designers say are worth investing in. Choosing a timeless dining room table is easy when you select simple designs crafted from lasting materials. A simple dining table crafted out of high-quality wood with few decorative details is your best bet when selecting a piece you’ll love forever.

Simple Dining Room Table

If wood isn’t your personal style, opt for a table crafted from other timeless materials like granite or metal. Avoid the ornate in favor of clean lines.


Sheri’s Pick from Heaven's Gate Home:

Noir Laredo Dining Table


Dining Room Chairs

To that end, the right dining room chairs to are worth splurging on as well. "A set of good dining chairs is a great investment you can hold on to for years," Ainsley said. "When paired correctly they can easily dress up a simple, inexpensive dining table."

Ainsley's Pick from Heaven's Gate Home:

Noir Chloe Dining Chair

"I like this armchair as it is dining chair height and style, but is substantial enough to pull into a living room for extra seating when entertaining. "


Sheri's Pick from Heaven's Gate Home:

Noir Jude Chair

Swiss architect Pierre Jeanneret devised a teak-and-can chair in the 1950s, and to this day this chair is extremely popular and gorgeous! These chairs can go with so many types of tables. I don't think I've ever seen these chairs with a table I didn't like." -Sheri



Dressers and chests are a timeless furniture piece that can be repurposed throughout your house as your needs change. This makes them the ultimate investment opportunity. "I always recommend investing in a low, showstopping dresser. Not only is a big dresser practical for storage, but it serves as great focal points for bedrooms, and provide tons of surface area for decorating with interesting books, objects and lighting," said Ainsley.

Ainsley's Pick from Heaven's Gate Home:

Noir Watson 6-Drawer Dresser

"These [dressers] even be used as sideboards in a dining room. I love the details and color of this dresser by Noir."



Often overlooked, the lighting fixtures in your home are a great place to invest in and make a statement. When looking to invest in lighting, search for a chandelier or fixture that is unique without being overly trendy. Choose classic fabrications like glass or metal to ensure you'll love it for years to come. "Lighting is the jewelry for your home! It is so often looked over but can be such a game changer," said Ainsley. "Dimmable chandeliers over a dining table or in a living room add an upscale element and mood to a space."

Ainsley's Pick from Heaven's Gate Home:

Regina Andrew Bubbles Chandelier

"When choosing lighting for a home following your instincts and selecting the most interesting light fixtures to YOU is important as they likely will not be changed out for many years. I have been coveting this light fixture from Regina Andrew for over a year - it has such personality and is unique without being "on trend" which is something I like to avoid." -Ainsley

Which Furniture Trends to Skip?

As we noted above, these pieces of furniture are worth investing in for the long run. When it comes to outfitting the rest of your home, keep in mind your personal style. While trends may come and go, if you choose pieces that you love and fit into your personal taste, you’ll feel at home among your interiors for the years to come. If there is a trend you absolutely can’t miss out on, embrace it through decor selections that are less expensive. If your major furniture pieces are timeless, they will likely fit well with trends in moderation. That said, here are some home decor trends our experts would skip:

Super Modern

“I think that’s it’s eventually going to go by the wayside. I would be cautious of it or stay away from it all together unless you have a Frank Lloyd Wright style home to support this look,” said Sheri.

 White on White

"While beautiful-- this trend is impractical and boring," said Ainsley.


Which tips and tricks do you keep in mind when searching for furniture you plan to invest in? Did our team miss anything you'd like to hear more about? Let us know in the comments. Shop our entire collection of high-quality furniture here.

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About Our Expert Interior Designers

Sheri Negri, Owner of Sheri Negri Design
Roseville, CA

Sheri quit her stressful corporate job in 2009 to pursue a career in real estate. Though she always had an eye for interior design and an artistic background, this skill became even more clear while working with her real estate clients. She officially got her business license in 2017 after years of lending her interior decorating skills to clients. Sheri's number one piece of advice for her clients: Design for the house you have. Follow Sherri on Instagram here.

Ainsley Stewart, Interior Designer at Gardner Fox
Bryn Mawr, PA

Ainsley Stewart developed an appreciation for luxurious, timeless designs and historical details while working in sales and marketing at luxury hotels in New York City. This appreciation grew deeper as she pursued her training at Parsons School of Design. She channels her love of design into her work daily at Gardner Fox and deems her personal style as Carolyn Roehm meets Kelly Wearstler. Follow Ainsley on Instagram here.

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