Industrial / Loft

Industrial interiors celebrate efficiency and functionality by transforming the working parts of a building into its primary aesthetic.

Beams, columns, pipes, ducts and flanges are brought to the fore to emphasize the ‘machine for living’, rendering these interiors in a largely masculine overtone. Unlike many other offshoots of the modern movement, industrial style interiors do not shy away from weight or roughness, embracing the worn, recycled and salvaged.

Often the style of choice in warehouse conversions and loft remodeling, industrial interiors tend to stick to warm, neutral colors such as grays and browns with iron or steel, exposed concrete and unfinished brickwork complementing them perfectly. When choosing furniture and décor, vintage industrial designs complete the look.

Industrial styles include Loft, Factory and Urban.

CFC Beto Industrial Reclaimed Wood/Steel 3-Door, 1-Shelf Cabinet, 60" W
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