How to Decorate Your Outdoor Space: Best Patio, Deck and Furniture Ideas

Alyssa Andrews

Posted on May 01 2020

How to Decorate Your Outdoor Space: Best Patio, Deck and Furniture Ideas

Warming temperatures bring to mind backyard barbecues, breakfasts on the veranda, or sunbathing on the patio. Is your outdoor space ready for its season to shine? From decorating your patio for the first time to refreshing the space for the season, the Heaven’s Gate Home team has gathered everything you need to consider when decorating your backyard or shopping for new outdoor furniture.

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How To Decorate Your Backyard Based on Your Needs

Planning to completely furnish your patio? Before starting the search for new outdoor dining tables or lounge chairs, consider how you will use the space and tailor your backyard or balcony to your specific needs.

Dining Outside

If dining under the stars with your family and friends is priority, outdoor dining furniture and a bar cart will set the scene for your perfect backyard space. Add a collapsible umbrella, an awning or pergola covered in plants to create a shady and private space if breakfast or lunch are on the menu. String bistro lights over your dining table to create cozy lighting as the sun sets.

Outdoor Dining Table and Patio Chairs

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Sitting Around The Fire

To create a cozy fireside space, select individual accent chairs as seating with a larger outdoor sofa or couch as the anchor. Center your seats around your fire pit and add side tables to place drinks, snacks, or the makings of s’mores for roasting over the open fire. Create an even cozier space by adding mix-and-match pillows and throws to each chair for chillier nights. Don’t forget tiki torches or citronella candles to keep mosquitoes at bay.

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Conversational Entertainment Space

Picture a perfect summer day as warm conversations with close friends, appetizers, and cocktails? Or maybe a quiet morning with your coffee and a book is more your pastime. Create a versatile living space outside that encourages socialization and comfort. Arrange seating that faces inward toward a coffee table— perfect for holding snacks. Choose large outdoor sectionals or couches to create a family room atmosphere in your backyard. Don’t forget to add side tables for your guests to set down their beverages as well as hold decor. Add curtains to create privacy if your yard is exposed.

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Lounging Poolside

If long days of sunshine and swimming is what your summer holds, creating a patio space that allows you to relax and lay out should be your priority. Choose chaise lounge chairs with adjustable backs that allow you to layout at your preferred angle. Add a small dining set with an umbrella to create an escape from the sun and a place to host pool party guests. Don't forget the beach towels!

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Urban Escape - Balcony or Small Patio

Perhaps you don’t have a full backyard to work with or you’re looking to create a private oasis above it all. Choose furniture that not only is multi-functional, but optimizes your space to make your balcony feel larger. Read on for tips and tricks to help you decorate and select furniture for your small space.

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Multipurpose Backyard Entertaining

If you’re a barbecue party fan who wants to create a multipurpose outdoor space with a large backyard— design your yard in zones mixing the elements above that serve you best.

How To Choose The Best Patio Furniture

Now that you know how you plan to use your outdoor space, here are some things to keep in mind when shopping for your patio.

Weather should be a major consideration when choosing the right outdoor furniture for you. If you live in an area that gets frequent rain, opt for patio seating with removable cushions when inclement weather hits. Those who live in warmer, drier climates, should consider furniture that will hold up well to the sun’s rays. Select chairs made with wood or rattan in light shades to avoid bleaching and discoloration from the sunlight. Consider steering clear from metal furniture that may burn your skin if out in direct sunlight all day.  Try a trendy rattan hanging chair for your yard!

Hanging Rattan Chair

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How to Decorate A Small Patio: Making The Most of a Small Space

Decorating a small patio space can be a difficult task, but it doesn’t have to be. Contrary to your instincts, choosing a lot of small patio furniture and decor can make a space feel more cluttered than cozy. Opt for fewer, larger seating or dining sets— ensuring to measure the area before purchasing. Since less is more for small spaces, invest in high-quality furniture that will present your cozy deck in a beautiful way.

Add a graphic rug to your space to create a homey feel. An eye-catching rug will look stylish, showcase your personal tastes, and tie the outdoor room together. While looking at rugs-- check out our collection of doormats to welcome your guests into your home.

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Think vertically when decorating your patio. A garden wall can hide fences or brick that makes the space feel small as well as give the space a touch of nature if it is enclosed.

Finally, select multipurpose furniture that doubles as storage or can be used in various ways. Think a dining table bench that has a storage space beneath the cushions and can be decorated with plush pillows to create a space to lounge or read a book.


How To Make Your Patio Look Nice: Backyard Decor Ideas

Add Privacy

Use outdoor curtains or build a pergola to enclose the space for privacy. These touches also create an airy feel and can protect you and your guests on particularly sunny days.


Light It Up

Add lighting for summer and early fall nights. From table side lanterns with candles to stringed lighting to tiki torches, there are lighting choices for every personal style. Use lighting to create the vibe you want for your backyard.


Mix and Match Decor

Mix and match your pillows, throws, and seating. If you love a minimalist, streamlined look, this tip may not be for you. Create a homey and unique environment in your backyard by choosing decor that looks a little less polished and fussy.

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Bring The Inside Out

Finally— don’t forget to select pieces that represent your personal style. An easy way to do this is to choose outdoor decor that is similar to the decorations in your home. The more likely you are to like the decor, the more you’ll use the space. Plus, by bringing the inside outdoors, your patio will be the perfect extension to your home.

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Excited to get started on your new and improved backyard space? We can’t wait to see how you transform your patio or deck using these design tips as inspiration. Once you have completed your home improvement project, show us your finished backyard by tagging @HeavensGateHome on Instagram. Shop our entire collection of patio furniture and decor here.

Have a decorating or interior design question we didn’t answer? Let us know in the comments and our designers will be happy to help.

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