How to Set Up a Home Office: Best Design Ideas and Tips

Alyssa Andrews

Posted on April 20 2020

How to Set Up a Home Office: Best Design Ideas and Tips

Whether setting up your home office as you work from home for the first time, or looking for ideas to refresh an existing room, there is a lot to consider when creating a work-friendly space. From the best place to put your home office to interior design tips and tricks, here is everything you need to know to make your workspace comfortable and productive. Plus, how to find the perfect home office furniture and decor for a functional yet beautiful look.

Mid Century Moder Home Office Design and more Ideas and Tips from Heaven's Gate Home

Where Should I Put My Home Office

If you do not have the space for a dedicated room, there are many ways to create a peaceful and private workspace in a small home or apartment. Carve out an office space from a place that goes unused. Perhaps you have a closet containing items that could be donated or better organized elsewhere to fit a home office desk? Or identify a corner of a room featuring furniture that is purely for show that you can convert? Locate a space that could be repurposed for your DIY home office. Designing a small office space can be challenging, but when done well, your desk and chair can become the centerpiece of any room you choose.

If you have an extra room or two, and are setting up a home office, select a room that gets good natural light and is far away from the busier areas of your house to aid in privacy and concentration.

How to Design a Home Office Space

Once you have picked out the perfect place for your work-from-home office, you must consider the type of work you will do there to create the best office setup for you.


Will you be holding meetings with potential clients or investors?

If hosting clients in person, a desk and chair will not be the only home office furniture you need. Add a stylish set of chairs to the other side of your desk to create a client-friendly workspace. Or if you have a dedicated room, create a conference area featuring a table and chairs.

If working with a small space and/or planning to host virtual conference calls with your clients or coworkers, consider your background. Add wall hangings for home decor that isn’t just your style, but professional as well.

Will it be a co-working space with your spouse?

Creating a shared office space in your home can be tricky if dealing with a lack of dedicated space. Perhaps instead of a desk, opt for a table where you can sit opposite of each other or side by side. If you’re able to have two desks, place them in separate corners of a room for less distraction.

If sharing a home office, create separated areas using bookshelves in the center of the room to divide the space. This chic room divider will also add a little character to your work area as you add knick-knacks and books to the shelves.

Noir Bauhaus Mid-Century Modern Home Office Book Shelf from Heaven's Gate Home


How to Make a Home Office More Private or Quiet

Finding your home office space to be a little less private than you would like? Rugs, pillows, and throws are the coworkers you have been looking for. These pieces not only add a personal touch throughout your workspace, but they absorb sound by filling up the space and reducing echo.


How to Keep Your Home Office Organized

Our number one design tip for your home office? Creating storage space in a beautiful way. From filing cabinets and desks with drawers to shelving units and baskets, an organized home office is a happy home office. Hide away the less beautiful side of working from home— drop excess reams of paper and office supplies into cheery baskets with lids placed strategically around the room. Lock away private documents in beautiful filing cabinets. Place the items that you absolutely must have in reach— like staplers, tape, and notepads— into beautiful trays that make these office supplies look more like art than clutter.

Moe's Colvin Mobile Pedestal Filing Cabinet for a Home Office


Best Home Office Decor for a Productive Work Space

Finish off your workspace with personal touches that make your office somewhere you want to be. It is important that the decor is not just functional. Find items that help you get the job done productively and comfortably.


The Ultimate Home Office Desk

Forget clunky, heavy-duty desks, choose a desk with sleek lines for your home office. Not only will this piece make a statement, but it will make your office look less cluttered and larger. Plus, do not underestimate the power of a desk you love. Invest in a piece that will make you feel confident and in control.

Contemporary Modern Art Deco Office Desk from Heaven's Gate Home

A Comfortable and Beautiful Chair

In a modern home office, a dull chair is a thing of the past. A comfortable accent chair with a pillow or two for additional lumbar support or modern update to the traditional rolling style are the best interior design picks.

Unique Home Office Chair from Heaven's Gate Home


Perfect Office Lighting

While a window is great for boosting productivity, lamps are equally beneficial. Aim for indirect lighting rather than traditional overhead lighting in your office space to reduce strain. From floor lamps to covered chandeliers in your dedicated space, ensure the bulbs are bright, but not too bright. A desk lamp or two is also a beautiful addition and will aid in reading, writing, or creating good lighting during video conference calls.

Unique Desk Lamp from Heaven's Gate Home

Mirrors To Open The Space

If your home office is on the small side and you want to open the room up, adding a mirror is a great way to create the illusion of space.

Circle Mirror for Work From Home Office from Heaven's Gate Home

We hope these home office ideas sparked your excitement to design your own work area! Have specific questions about how to revamp or refresh your office that we did not cover? Let us know in the comments below. Shop our entire collection of contemporary desks and comfortable office chairs here.

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